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PTA Committee

The purpose of the PTA is to: provide a link between children, parents/caregivers and the School; bring parents/caregivers and teachers together in social activities/information evenings; and to raise funds for improved facilities and opportunities.

The PTA organises fundraising activities and social events. We organise 1-2 discos each year for all the children (juniors come early from 5.30-7.15 and seniors after 7.30pm). We often have a theme and need extra parents to help with decorating, selling food and drinks, organising games and cleaning up at the end of the night. We generally hold one major fundraising raffle with a family prize in term 1 or 2, and try to hold a winter fundraising event in term 3.

The PTA organises the school lunches (hotdogs on Tuesdays and lunch orders on Fridays) and to be successful this relies on parent volunteers. If you can help on the roster please let someone on the PTA know.

The PTA usually meets monthly in the staff room, with meetings held in the evening starting at 7pm. Look out for meeting dates and times in the school newsletter, on the PTA noticeboard and school website. All welcome!

"FRIENDS OF THE SCHOOL” Mailing List – if you would like to be added please see Mandy Clark or e-mail her on to keep in touch with your PTA by receiving meeting minutes and other correspondence.

    The Otaua School PTA welcomes your positive comments and suggestions on ways we can improve communication. Your PTA Committee are:

  • President – Sharon Griffiths
  • Vice President – Sally Roden
  • Secretary – Mandy Clark
  • Treasurer – Hannah Turner
  • Information Sharing Officer – Hannah Turner
  • Hotdogs Co-ordinator – Gemma McDonald
  • Lunches Co-ordinator – Mandy Clark
  • Signs Co-ordinator – Janna Shuker
  • Grants Officer - Marie Hull
  • President of the Calf Club Sub-Committee - Willy Muir
Committee Members are :

Jo Morriss, Jo MacEwan, Emma Thomas, Louisa Lowe, Keely Muir, Tania Tocker, Chonny Yorke, Debbie Taylor

PTA Notices

Current notices are listed below. Old notices from the last month (if any) are listed below them.

There are currently no notices in this notice area.
PTA Newsletters

Below are the newsletters for 2018.

Fundraising Flyers
Tuesday Only

American Hot Dog - $2.50

Friday Only

Pizza (Hawaiian) - $2.50

Mince Pie - $2.50

Mince & Cheese Pie - $2.50

Mini Mince Pie (small) - $1.50

Mini Mince & Cheese Pie (small) - $1.50

Sausage Roll - $1.50

Spaghetti Volcano - $2.00

Toasty Pie (mince) - $2.50

Macaroni Cheese - $3.50

Chocolate Chip Biscuit - $1.00

Chocolate Muffins - $1.50

Juice Drink - $1.50

CalciStrong Milk Drink - $1.50

Frozen Juicee - $1.00

Chocolate or Lime Moosies (frozen milk ice-blocks) - $1.50

Dead Calf Collection

With calving time approaching, the dead calf drop off at Harris Road opens Friday 5th June. Money raised through collection of dead calves and lambs goes back to Otaua School. Thank you to the farmers who support this initiative.